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I find it semi ironic that the Princess and the Frog was built up to be amazing, and blow everyone away, and Tangled, a film that didn’t have that in its marketing, ended up blowing people away, while Princess and the Frog was seen as a moderate success. Still like the movie though! 

It’s because Princess and the Frog was built up TOO much to the point that the reality, while amazing, didn’t live up to the hype. Tangled on the other hand, BECAUSE of not having that in it’s marketing was able to succeed on its own. Had they not hyped Princess and the Frog so much it probably have done a lot better.

The hype was the return to hand drawn animation, fairytale stories, and musical format. As well as an addition to the Disney Princess franchise in 11 years. Tangled never needed to set all that, which is why it never got that type of hype. Tangled’s marketing for the longest time was trying to hide that fact that it was a musical, the whole “appeal to boys” push. But agreed, the hype set high expectations. It’s interesting to see in the tags people revisiting the film now and saying “I like it much better than when I first saw it in theatres”

I expected it to be wonderful and amazing

and then I went to see it in theaters

and it was everything I expected it to be

then I saw it 8 more times